Ways to Make Money Blogging: A Comprehensive Guide


Blogs are a good way to earn income while doing something you are passionate about. Many people have blogs but don’t know how to generate revenue from them. There are blogs on the web, yet of bloggers don’t earn money at all. This article will provide details on how to make money blogging. We will explain different techniques for making money from a blog and help you decide the best one to adopt.

Selecting the Right Niche

An essential thing to consider in blogging for money is to select a good niche or topic to focus on. Some niches are more profitable than others, e.g., blogs about personal finance or health advice earn much more income than art blogs. But, it doesn’t imply that you should go with the most profitable niche even if you have no passion for it. There should be a healthy balance between your passion and the income you can get. Note that the most profitable niches have the highest competition, making it harder to break into and build a large following. Choosing them may reduce your chances of success, whereas the topic you are passionate about may have lesser competition.

Building an Online Presence

To create a successful blog, it is important to first establish an online following before you focus on monetization. Blogs with unstable traffic flow will hardly earn big money. You can start getting a stable income by sending certain amounts of traffic on a regular basis. That demands a strategic approach like the one Adsterra publisher, Achile Anne, has developed.

Providing Quality Content

Quality content is necessary to attract people to your blog. No one wants to read content that does not add value to them or, at worst, is false and misleading. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. What type of content would they like to see? Is the content optimized well to appear on search engines? A smart strategy to attract readers is to create exclusive content, which refers to content that the reader can not access elsewhere. You may have heard of blogginghelpline.com, an artificial intelligence tool that has taken the world by storm. This tool can help you write high-quality content that drives engagement.

Building Relationships

It is a good thing to build relationships with your readers and fellow bloggers as a beginner. This way, readers will be willing to hear your opinions about things related to your niche. Other bloggers will also be willing to link back to your site and help improve its rankings. You can set up an official profile on popular websites like Twitter, Quora, Reddit, etc. Participate in discussions related to your niche and respond to other people’s comments. This helps you build long-lasting and profitable relationships in your area of interest.

Growing Your Email List

You might have observed that most popular blogs have email newsletters; they do this to remain acquainted with readers. You should endeavor to grow your email list as much as you can. The most common way to do that is to insert popups requesting email addresses from visitors. The higher the number of email subscribers, the better the chances of making money with a blog.

Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from another web page to yours. They improve your rankings on search engines like Google and give you a more solid reputation among readers. To build your backlink profile, you can reach out to blogs that are similar to yours and ask the owners if they are interested in link-building activities. The procedures mentioned above will help you build a significant online following.

Monetization Methods

The next step is to monetize your following and earn income for the hard work you spent in growing your blog’s traffic. There are many ways to make money blogging. They include everything from display advertising to one-on-one consulting to running special ad campaigns for brands. Ad networks and affiliate marketing are two of the most common methods.

Advertising with Ad Networks

Ad networks are digital platforms that serve as a middleman between an advertiser and a blog publisher. The benefit of using an ad network is that you do not need to spend time and effort chasing advertisers; they are already registered on the network. Adsterra is one good example of an ad network, with over 13,000 advertisers and 28,000 publishers registered. You can choose from different types of ads including Banners, Popunders, Native ads, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a system where you advertise a product for an online retailer and earn a commission on each sale coming from your referral. Advertisers are constantly looking for affiliates they can partner with to spread the word about their products. The affiliate (publisher) drives traffic to an online merchant’s website. If the traffic converts into a sale, the publisher will earn a fixed percentage of that sale.

Display Advertising

Display ads are graphic advertisements that appear on a webpage. They combine text and visual elements with a call-to-action button that leads to the advertiser’s website. Display ads can come in many formats on a blog post, including Banners, Native Ads, Popunders, etc.

Selling Digital Products

You can sell digital products such as e-books, online courses, workbooks, and printables to your audience. This is only feasible after you have built a large following. Selling digital products will require you to build an online store, but there are many ready-made tools that let you do this.

Selling Physical Products

Selling physical products is another strategic way of making money from blogging. The key is to sell products that are very relevant to your target audience. You will need to build an online store to sell physical products, but there are many tools available that make this process easy.

Offering Consultation and Coaching Services

You can offer consultation and coaching services to your readers. This is suitable if you have built a large following and have expertise in your niche. You can charge money for consulting sessions or offer coaching services to people who want to learn from you.

You can charge brands a fee to review their products or run ad campaigns for them. Brands are willing to pay for this service because it brings exposure to them. Make sure to promote products that are relevant to your target audience.

You can monetize your audience directly by charging readers to access specific content. You can continue to post regular content that anyone can read and have a separate premium section only available to paid subscribers.

Freelance Writing

You can offer your writing services to individuals or companies that need articles written. Your blog is an indication that you are skilled at writing and will likely offer good value to them.


You can start a podcast relevant to your niche and promote it to your readers. If the podcast gets a significant audience, you can find a sponsor willing to pay money to advertise to that audience.


Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online while doing something you enjoy. We have listed the best methods to make money from blogging and how to maximize your income from each method. Making money from blogging is not a one-day job, but with hard work and dedication, it is definitely achievable. Adsterra is an excellent ad network to monetize your blog and earn more revenue as your traffic grows.

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