Blogging for Living

Blogging has become a popular way for individuals to earn a living online. Many people dream of making a full-time income from their blog, but it can often be challenging to figure out the most effective way to do so. One successful method is to become a freelance blogger. This allows you to leverage your skills and knowledge as a blogger to earn a consistent income. In this article, we will explore how one freelance blogger, Elna Cain, was able to earn a full-time living as a part-time blogger within just six months.

Developing an Online Presence

Elna Cain started her freelance blogging journey with little knowledge of the online world. She primarily used popular sites like YouTube, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo Mail. However, she soon realized that she could use her writing skills to earn a living. With the support of her husband, she decided to start her own online business.

To create a strong online presence, Elna registered her own domain name,, and self-hosted a WordPress website. She also created profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. These steps helped to establish her online brand as a freelance writer.

To further build her online presence, Elna started reading other blogs about freelance writing and blogging. She also began leaving comments on these blogs to put her name out there. However, she realized that her comments lacked a photo of herself, which is an essential aspect of branding. She quickly rectified this by signing up for a Gravatar and using the same photo on her website and social media profiles.

Starting with a Content Mill

Elna’s first attempt at getting paid writing work was through iWriter, a content mill. Content mills allow writers to start earning money right away by choosing topics from a list. However, Elna found this experience to be frustrating and time-consuming. She soon realized that she needed to find more lucrative opportunities.

Building a Portfolio with Guest Posts

Instead of focusing solely on paid work, Elna decided to build her writing portfolio by guest posting on other blogs. She started by pitching to guest blogs within her areas of expertise, such as parenting, natural health, psychology, and career. This strategy proved successful, and she landed her first guest post on a parenting blog.

Elna continued to pitch to popular websites with more authority online. As a result, she secured guest posting opportunities on well-known sites like Psych Central, Social Media Today, and Brazen Careerist. These guest posts allowed her writing to be seen by thousands of people, expanding her reach and helping her gain recognition as a freelance writer.

Pitching to Freelance Writing Jobs

In addition to guest posting, Elna also started pitching to freelance writing job ads. She used job boards like the Problogger Job Board to find opportunities in various niches. She pitched to anything and everything that she thought she could write about. Finally, after two months of writing online, she landed her first “real” blogging gig, writing for an auto enthusiast blog. This opportunity paid $100 for an 800-word post.

Growing Her Business and Landing Higher-Paying Gigs

With her writing career gaining momentum, Elna focused on growing her website’s traffic and attracting more clients. She created a lead magnet and started an email list to engage with her audience. She also dedicated time to Pinterest and created pin-worthy images on her blog to attract a larger audience. Additionally, Elna made an effort to comment on influential bloggers’ posts to build connections and expand her network.

As a result of her efforts, Elna started receiving inquiries from companies looking for her writing services. She was able to negotiate higher rates and eventually replaced her full-time salary by working part-time as a freelance blogger. She currently has a group of clients who require weekly content and a handful of clients who request content on demand. She has even landed a financial writing gig that pays $250 per post.

Scaling Her Business

While Elna enjoys the flexibility of working from home and spending time with her twin toddlers, she also recognizes the need to scale her business. She plans to outsource non-billable tasks such as editing, proofreading, and fact-checking to free up more time for writing, pitching, and landing new clients. Additionally, she intends to offer coaching services to new freelance bloggers and create and sell a comprehensive guide for aspiring writers. Elna also plans to expand her services to include copywriting.


Elna Cain’s journey as a freelance blogger demonstrates that anyone can break into the world of freelance writing. By leveraging her blog as a portfolio and actively pursuing guest posting opportunities, Elna was able to establish herself as a credible and sought-after writer. With persistence, she eventually landed paying gigs and built a successful freelance writing business.

Freelance blogging offers the freedom to work from home on your own terms and provides quicker payment compared to other monetization methods such as affiliate marketing or displaying ads on your blog. By focusing on building an online presence, guest posting on authoritative blogs, and constantly pitching to potential clients, you can turn your blog into a profitable venture. So, if you have a passion for writing and a desire to earn a living from your blog, consider becoming a freelance blogger and start monetizing your writing skills today.

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