30 Podcast Themes to Help You Start Your Podcast

30 Podcast Themes to Help You Start Your Podcast


Podcasts are more popular than ever, with new shows being released on various platforms every week. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own podcast, now is the perfect time. However, coming up with an idea for a podcast can be challenging, especially when there are already so many existing podcasts in your niche. But don’t worry, finding a good podcast idea is easier than you think. This guide will provide you with 30 podcast themes to inspire you and tips on how to brainstorm and find your perfect podcast idea.

Brainstorming Podcast Ideas

When brainstorming podcast ideas, it’s essential to think about your interests, your audience, and the type of conversation you’d like to have with your listeners. Consider your voice as a podcaster and who you want to be. Imagine having a conversation with one of your listeners and think about what topics you would enjoy talking about.

To narrow down your podcast topic and hone in on your audience, try to focus on a specific niche. For example, if you want to make a podcast about live streaming, consider targeting a specific audience within that niche, such as gamers. By narrowing down your topic, you’ll be able to create more valuable content for your target audience.

As you come up with good topics for your podcast, consider which format will work best for your show. Popular podcast formats include Q&A, paranormal, true crime, personal finance, guided meditations, kids’ programs, time-specific podcasts, event planning, alternative lifestyle, advice or quote of the day, pets, top 10 lists, coaching, topics you’re unfamiliar with, documentary-style podcasts, how-to and DIY, entertainment reviews, comedy sketches or stand-up, travel, local news and culture, audio dramas, product reviews, tech, podcasting, business and entrepreneurship, sports, retirement and older adults, ASMR, under 10 minutes, and improvisation.

Choosing a Podcast Topic

To choose a good podcast topic, think about what is important to you and what questions you want to answer. Consider topics you are deeply passionate about and what you want to share with others. It’s crucial to choose a topic that you won’t get tired of talking or thinking about. Popular podcast genres include comedy, news, true crime, science, pop culture, and health.

Consistency is key in podcasting. Whatever cadence you choose to publish your podcast, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or any other frequency, make sure to stick to it. Keep your content consistent as well, focusing on a specific theme and avoiding jumping between different topics from episode to episode.

Showcasing your personality is essential to make your podcast stand out. Engage with your audience and remind them that there’s a real person behind the microphone. If you have guests on your podcast, make sure they bring something unique to the conversation.


Starting a podcast can be both exciting and challenging. Remember, there are plenty of podcast ideas out there, so don’t get stuck on thinking of just one. Take some time to brainstorm, do research, and find a podcast topic that truly inspires you. With that spark of inspiration, you’ll always feel motivated to create new episodes and provide valuable content for your audience.

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