Ways to Earn Money with Blogging: Sponsored Content, Affiliate Marketing, Advertisements, Email Marketing, Selling Products and Services, Google Ad Sense, Selling Online Courses, Ad or Banner Space


Blogging is becoming one of the best and most reliable ways to earn passive income. If you have a website and love to write, you can turn your skills and assets into an income-earning opportunity. With many websites dedicated to blogging, you can choose a niche that you’re comfortable in and start earning money. This article will provide tips on how to start earning money through blogging.

Apply for Sponsored Blog Content

Sponsored blog content involves a brand sponsoring specific content on your blog. This means that you will write about a particular product while disclosing that the content is sponsored. To get into sponsored blog content posts, you need to gain a steady flow of traffic to your blog. Here are some tips to apply when trying to get into sponsored blog content posts:

  1. Send out emails to companies that you’d like to send a pitch to for sponsored content.
  2. Include information about your blog’s niche, target audience, and traffic statistics.
  3. Highlight your expertise and why you would be a good fit for sponsored content.
  4. Follow up with the companies you contacted to show your interest.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money from blogging. With affiliate marketing, you don’t necessarily have to disclose that the content is sponsored. Instead, you use a product or service offered by a company as a form of advertisement. You can be paid for every sale that the company makes through the link you post on your blog. To start earning money through affiliate marketing, consider the following tips:

  1. Find affiliate programs related to your blog’s niche.
  2. Promote products or services that you genuinely find interesting and would use yourself.
  3. Write compelling and persuasive content to encourage readers to make a purchase.
  4. Track your affiliate links to measure your performance and earnings.

Enable Blog Advertisements

If your blog has a steady flow of traffic, enabling blog advertisements can be a profitable strategy. Companies are always looking for advertising space, and by running a website and posting content, you are already starting the earning process. Enabling blog advertisements can help increase your blog’s visibility and profitability. Consider the following benefits of enabling blog advertisements:

  1. Generate additional income from your blog’s traffic.
  2. Gain exposure to new audiences through advertising networks.
  3. Improve your blog’s credibility by attracting reputable advertisers.
  4. Keep your blog’s content free for readers while still earning money.

Apply Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to reach out to your subscribers on a personal level. By building a contact list and notifying them about your new blog posts, you can increase engagement and potentially earn money. Email marketing is a cost-effective strategy, especially if you already have a website. Here are some benefits of email marketing:

  1. Keep your audience engaged and informed about your latest blog posts.
  2. Build a loyal following by providing valuable content directly to your subscribers’ inbox.
  3. Increase website traffic by driving subscribers to your blog.
  4. Use email marketing tools to automate the process and save time.

Sell Your Products and Services

If you have products and services to sell, you can use your blog to promote and earn money from them. By selling products and services that you’re genuinely interested in, you can be a more effective and profitable seller. Your blog’s following and reputation can also increase the likelihood of people buying from you. Consider these tips when selling your products and services online:

  1. Develop a product or service that aligns with your blog’s niche and audience.
  2. Promote your products and services on your blog through compelling content.
  3. Offer exclusive discounts or bonuses for your blog’s readers.
  4. Consider using a reliable hosting provider like Hostinger for your online store.

Apply for Google Ad Sense

Google Ad Sense is an advertising platform that allows bloggers to earn money through ads. By placing relevant ads on your blog, you can earn profit and revenue through the traffic coming to your site. Applying for Google Ad Sense is free and can be a great option for beginner bloggers. Here are some reasons why you should use Google Ad Sense:

  1. Generate income through pay per click or cost per click ads.
  2. Promote relevant ads that align with your blog’s content.
  3. Increase revenue as your blog’s traffic grows.
  4. Customize the appearance and placement of ads on your blog.

Sell Online Courses

If you have special skills to share, consider selling online courses on your blog. By leveraging your expertise and success, you can earn a steady income from selling courses to your audience. Follow these tips to get started with selling online courses:

  1. Identify a topic or skill that you excel in and can teach others.
  2. Create high-quality course content with engaging visuals and clear instructions.
  3. Promote your courses on your blog and through social media channels.
  4. Provide exceptional customer service and support to your course participants.

Sell Ad or Banner Space on Your Blog

Another way to monetize your blog is by selling ad or banner space. Advertisers place ads on your blog to attract potential customers and drive sales. By selling ad space, you can increase your blog’s profitability. Consider the following tips when selling ad or banner space on your blog:

  1. Create a blog or website with a localized niche to attract local advertisers.
  2. Seek long-term contracts for banner space to ensure a consistent income.
  3. Measure the success of your ads by tracking clicks and conversions.
  4. Offer different ad placement options and price points to cater to advertisers’ needs.


Blogging is a rewarding way to earn income while doing something you love. By applying the tips mentioned in this article, you can start earning money through sponsored blog content, affiliate marketing, blog advertisements, email marketing, selling products and services, Google Ad Sense, selling online courses, and selling ad or banner space on your blog. With the right tools, skills, and knowledge, you can turn your blog into a profitable venture. Start exploring these earning opportunities and make the most of your blogging journey.

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