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In this article, we will be discussing the updates and changes that are coming to the Ranked season in the game League of Legends. We have made several adjustments to improve the ranked journey and address issues that players have been experiencing. We will also be introducing a new Ranked tier and discussing the philosophy behind the changes we are making. Stay tuned to find out what’s coming next!

Ranked Distribution Update

During patch 13.4, we implemented changes to make it easier for players to move up and down in rank. This was done to make the ranked journey more exciting for players. While we achieved this goal, there were some side effects that we are currently evaluating. One of these side effects is the increased LP variance, where players can experience greater LP losses than wins if their MMR (Matchmaking Rating) is not at the same level as the rank they are trying to reach. This can result in a frustrating experience for players, but it serves the purpose of maintaining ladder integrity and preventing rank inflation.

Despite the perception that the ladder has inflated, we have not changed the MMR requirements to sustain those ranks. With the faster LP progression, players are reaching their appropriate ranks more quickly. However, the Master+ tier was not originally designed to accommodate such a large player population, and its size has been steadily increasing over the years. We acknowledge that there are improvements to be made to the progression experience, especially when a Master tier player is only 800 LP away from reaching the prestigious Grandmaster tier. Nonetheless, reaching the top 0.5% of any activity is a remarkable achievement, and players should feel proud of their skills.

What’s Coming Next

Now, let’s discuss what’s coming next in the Ranked season. Riot Revenancer, the Systems Lead for our Motivations initiative, will provide insight into our plans for Split 2.

Philosophy Shift in Ranked Distribution

For the first time, we will be resetting ranks during the season. This gives us an opportunity to explain the changes that will occur and the rationale behind them. Historically, the distribution of rankings in League of Legends has been bottom-heavy, with a large number of players in the Silver and Bronze tiers. However, in many other competitive ranked games, the distribution of players in each tier is more evenly distributed. With Split 2, we are shifting the ranked distribution to a more even percentage split, centering around the Gold tier. This will result in a better alignment between ranks and player skill levels. Many players may find that their end rank is higher than before, reflecting their true skill level.

Preserving Exclusivity and Prestige

While we are making changes to the lower ranks, we want to ensure that the highest ranks retain their exclusivity and prestige. Therefore, we will not be altering the distribution of Diamond and above tiers. To maintain a similar representation of players as the current distribution, we are introducing the Emerald rank, which will sit between Diamond and Platinum. This will ensure that the highest ranks remain prestigious and challenging to achieve.

Partial Reset and Additional Features

To implement the rank reset between splits, we will be using a partial reset. This means that your initial reset will result in a smaller change to your rank compared to previous resets. Essentially, you will start at a higher rank than you would have in previous resets. In addition, we have added a couple of extra features to help smooth your progression through the ranks you climbed in Split 1:

  1. Faster Starting Rank Determination: Since you have already gone through placements once this season and we are resetting the ladder more gently, we can determine your starting rank more quickly. This saves you the extra time before you can start climbing the ladder again.
  2. Removal of Promotion Series: Promotion series have been a point of contention among players. While they were intended to add drama and stakes to the ranked climb, they often led to frustrations and stalled progression. With the increased frequency of climbing due to two splits in a year, we have decided to remove promotion series. Starting next split, you will be able to move directly through tiers once you have accumulated enough LP.

In conclusion, we hope that these changes to the Ranked season will provide a more enjoyable and fair experience for all players. Thank you for reading, and we wish you the best of luck with your second climb!

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