Podcast Statistics: Trends and Insights for 2023


Every year, media groups like Statista, Triton Digital, and Edison Research run digital media surveys to measure trends, track podcast growth, track listener behavior, and share valuable podcast insights from a global perspective. In this updated post, we provide the best podcast statistics to help you stay informed about the industry and make informed decisions about your own podcast.

Growth of Podcasting:

Podcasting has experienced significant growth since its creation in 2001. The industry grew alongside the advent of smartphones, smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.), mobile devices, and in-dash entertainment systems. The consumption of spoken word audio (talk radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and sports) is on the rise across the board. According to Edison Research’s survey, spoken word media consumption has gone up 214% among Gen Z (13-24 year olds) compared to 13-34 year-olds in 2014.

Podcast Demographics:

Historically, podcast demographics have not mirrored the US population. In 2011, 68% of podcast listeners were white, but this is beginning to change. According to recent data, the United States accounts for 47.9% of podcast listeners, followed by the United Kingdom with 6.3%, and Canada with 5.0%. In years past, U.S. listenership didn’t mirror the population, but that shifted significantly in the last year.

How Podcasts are Consumed:

Most podcast consumers listen to audio content using their smartphones and play episodes via a major podcast app like Apple or Spotify. Other popular ways people listen to content include through web browsers, Google Podcasts, and other platforms or apps.

According to recent data, the most popular time for podcast listening is from 10 AM to 2 PM, followed by before 10 AM. People also listen to podcasts in the evening and late at night, with various peaks during different times of the day.

Top Podcasts:

According to the latest rankings, the top podcasts include “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “Crime Junkie,” “The Daily,” “This American Life,” and “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast.” These podcasts cover a range of topics from true crime to news and entertainment.

According to a Statista study, 22% of podcast listeners in the United States prefer comedy as a genre. News is the second most popular podcast genre, followed by true crime, sports, and health & fitness.

As of February 2023, Apple Podcasts holds the top spot with 38.7% of all podcast listeners and 48,789,778 podcast downloads. Spotify currently holds the second spot with 28% of podcast users and 35,295,536 downloads. Other popular podcasting platforms and listening apps include Google Podcasts, Castbox, Podcast Addict, and iHeartRadio.

Listener Behavior:

Understanding how podcast listeners behave can help improve your content and increase engagement. Super listeners, those who listen to at least five hours of podcasts a week, have slightly different behavior than average listeners. They listen to more episodes per week, subscribe to more shows, and consume more hours of podcasts.

Episode Length and Publishing Frequency:

Podcast episode length and publishing frequency vary, but there are trends that appear in the data. Over 50% of podcasts are between 20 and 60 minutes in length. Less than 10% of episodes are shorter than ten minutes, and around 17% are longer than 60 minutes. Publishing frequency varies, but weekdays are more popular for new episode releases than weekends.

Ways Listeners Find New Podcasts:

Podcast listeners have various ways of finding new content. Some search the internet, ask friends and family for recommendations, use social media, take host recommendations, or hear suggestions from advertisements on other audio programs. Quality search engine optimization (SEO) and word of mouth are essential strategies for podcast marketing.

Podcast Advertising Effectiveness:

Podcasting is an effective marketing tool for brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Studies have shown that podcast ads increase brand awareness, with 69% of listeners saying they pay more attention to podcast ads compared to other forms of advertising. In addition, podcast ads have the potential to generate significant revenue, with forecasts predicting ad revenue to exceed by 2023.

Predictions for the Podcast Industry:

Industry experts predict continued growth in the podcast industry. It is projected that podcast listeners worldwide will exceed by 2023. The number of podcast listeners in the U.S. is also expected to increase from 75.9 million to by 2024.


Podcasting is a thriving industry with a growing global audience. With the right marketing strategies and content, podcasting can be a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience and achieving marketing goals. Stay informed with the latest podcast statistics to make informed decisions about your own podcast and take advantage of the opportunities this medium offers.

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